Nothing happens in the automotive industry without the involvement of film packaging. It carries individual components and accessories safely and reliably to their destination. Many of these packagings come from Gruber-Folien. This makes us an important partner for the automotive industry. But we have a lot more to offer in addition to the highest level of protection during transport. You can also find completely new components in the area of safety and mobility in our portfolio.

Gruber films help when everything else fails.

This situation is just as common as it is bothersome: Out with the car, a flat tyre and no spare in the boot. A situation like this can put a real dent in your travel plans. Many auto manufacturers install first aid kits in their vehicles to help in such situations. These include injection moulding bags with a special joint sealant. Gruber-Folien produces these injection moulding bats with special spouts. These first aid kits can grout even the smallest of holes so you don’t have to worry about changing the tyre and can get to where you’re going on time.