Gruber-Folien has been active in the field of chemistry and pharmaceuticals for years. During this time we gained a great deal of expertise in dealing with various challenges. Whether dealing with products that must not be allowed to interact with their environment or that must be protected against environmental influences: You are sure to be on the safe side with packaging solutions made by Gruber.

Gruber-Films – the bodyguard against dangerous contents.

Hazardous materials like fertilizers and toxic substances don’t mix well with people. It’s up to the right packaging to prevent dangerous contact between the two - no matter what. We developed our special composites in order to fulfil this important task. The extrusion-laminated design ensures that dangerous content cannot find any weak spots, e.g. a glued area, and that the content remains safely in the bag. Whether on a roll or as a finished bag - with the variety of materials for which Gruber films are ideally suited, you are sure to find the right product.

Gruber-Films are the right plaster for bandaging material.

Do you have bandaging materials, plaster or similar materials? Gruber-Folien has the right packaging for it. We also offer a wide range of materials and designs in this sector. Our offer ranges from high-quality paper-aluminium composites to a material mix with a transparent surface film to multi-chamber bags that can be filled in portions. We can further enhance these bags with finishings and printing. We offer absolutely secure packaging for your products that also give it a stylish appearance.