There probably isn’t a single modern construction site where you won’t find film in use. But there are numerous other ways to effectively and efficiently use film in construction in addition to its standard applications. At Gruber-Folien, you can find a large selection of films for all areas of application that can do an impressive job of helping everything at your construction site run more smoothly - as smoothly as our films.


We let you make sure that multiple component materials do not come into contact until they are actually ready to be used. We developed special multi-chamber bags for this very purpose. These bags separate the various components with a strip system. The strip system is opened when it is time for the components to be used. Whether two-component adhesives, casting compounds, paints or lacquers - the components aren’t mixed until you’re ready. This is how we guarantee the simple, clean and time-saving handling of materials at your construction site.


Dry cement is very versatile - as are the challenges it presents. For example, it is capable of absorbing moisture from its environment in the blink of an eye. During the filling process dry cement can mix with air, which causes the packaging to swell. This makes finding the right packaging a real challenge. We at Gruber-Folien took on this challenge. An innovative bag-in-bag system was the result.
A strong aluminium composite bag provides protection against moisture. There is a second bag made of a transparent, needled PE composite within this bag. Both units are connected by a bottom seam. The cement can be conveniently filled into the PE sack. The small holes ensure that the cement can drive out the air in the bag during the filling process. The bottom seam ensures that the cement can move about within the packaging. This intelligent system allows us to ensure that the product remains user-friendly. And we can also deliver custom sizes upon request.