Anyone who sells beauty and skin care products knows that it’s not just about the content. Having a holistic aesthetic appearance is more important in the cosmetics industry than in any other branch. That and the fact that many of the products are sensitive to external factors makes selecting the right packaging so important. Gruber-Folien knows how to put beauty in a pretty package. We offer custom solutions that combine numerous advantages in the most appealing of ways.

Gruber films package beauty.

We have developed beautiful solutions for safely and attractively packaging cosmetic products. The cosmetics industry demands that we provide a strong barrier against moisture, high form stability, an aroma seal and an appealing look. And we do all of this with our packaging. - For example, we created a special multi-sided side-sealed bag for a facial mask made of soaked fleece. One side is made of aluminium composite, which offers all of the barrier characteristics and durability. The second side is made of a transparent composite that serves as a showcase and displays the product in the right light.

The moor can heal with Gruber films.

The moor owes its healing powers to its minerals and trace elements. The therapeutic effect is enhanced by the moor’s high moisture content. This moisture must be preserved, which makes packaging and storing healing moor challenging. Gruber-Folien flat bags keep the moisture in the moor. Our bags prevent the moisture from escaping and the contents from defusing through the bag and protect the healing moor during transport. Special spouts allow for easy handling without making a mess. This allows us to prevent the valuable contents from going to waste and to conserve the healing power of the moor.

Gruber films wash hands.

Soap is a unique product when it comes to filling. Whether or not it was well packed becomes evident when washing. Such paste-like goods are well packed when they are protected against moisture, have an aromatic seal and are easy to use down to the last drop. At Gruber-Folien we produce complete bags for soaps with integrated spouts. And if you already have a bag solution and a spout is the only thing missing, we can easily take care of that per job order.