Food doesn’t always have to be a mass product. As products become more specialised and the quality increases, so do the demands for a suitable packaging concept. The range of demands couldn’t be more diverse. Sometimes the key is to preserve special aromas. Other times it is about safely transporting large quantities over long distances. These diverse requirements are met by Gruber-Folien with individual custom solutions that we develop and realise in cooperation with our business partners. And we do it with a large selection of film packaging products for a branch in which taste and reliability are key.

No spice is too strong for Gruber-Films.

Did you know that spices are one of the most aggressive goods? Oily and edged spices like anise, cloves, caraway and paprika pose a monumental challenge to some packers. One of the most remarkable features about spice is that it continues to work hard even after filling due to its compounds. This is why spices behave so aggressively in the packaging. - But Gruber films are able to tame them. We have been gathering experience in solvent-free special composites for years. These effectively prevent the aromas from escaping, as well as the delamination of the bags. We take the bite out of the spiciest chilli peppers - but only during their transport.

Gruber-Folien sends hops pellets around the world.

Hops pellets are the food industry’s frequent travellers. Enormous volumes are exported to countries like the USA and Japan. And since hops pellets prefer travelling in groups, they are packed in large sacks. These sacks can weigh up to 100 kg. These sacks must meet strict requirements in terms of their resistance to tearing and puncturing. - Gruber-Folien fulfils these requirements with a high concentration of expertise: We offer two aluminium composites with a very high percentage of aluminium as a barrier layer and with a very stable design for this type of special packaging. The sacks are gassed and the oxygen removed after filling. They are then ready for proper storage and shipping and are ready to begin their journey.