The need for protection against external factors generally increases with the complexity of the product and the distance it must travel to reach its target destination. Consequently, the ideal packaging must be a high-tech product in and of itself. We gladly accept this challenge. We offer effective protection for a wide range of goods with our high-quality composite films.


Ink doesn’t like being packed. It is one of the most leak-prone materials known to man and has a very aggressive impact on its environment. Which is why ink is one of the hardest materials to put in a package. Many materials and processes are not able to live up to the challenge. But Gruber’s Ink-proof630 reigns supreme! It is the perfect composite for solvent-based inks that love to run. The special design of this packaging guarantees stability and prevents the film from disintegrating. The ink stays where it belongs - in the packaging and not in the print casing.


Goods prefer to travel by ship. But these trips are rarely romantic. Humidity, salt water, splashing water, condensation dust and other contaminants attack your goods during the long journey. What you need is permanent protection against rust. You are sure to be on the safe side with packaging solutions made by Gruber. We package your goods affordably, effectively and without complications. Whether dealing with highly sensitive carbon filters, electronics or automotive components: We guarantee the efficient, long-term conservation of every product group.

Gruber flat bags even keep light at bay.

To allow light through or not? Gruber has the answer whenever this is the question. Like when it comes to packaging x-ray film. X-ray film is needed for the mobile screening of pipes in nuclear power plants, for example. The x-ray film must be able to move freely in order to fulfil its function. We developed and manufacture flat bags made of an opaque, coloured composite to protect such film. This ensures extreme protection without compromising the functionality of the product.

Gruber films keeps silicon wavers clean.

Wavers, as silicon discs are referred to, are the basis of every electronic product and embody high-tech in its most direct form. They know how to offer a lot while taking up a minimal amount of space. And there is one thing they don’t like at all: foreign bodies. Not matter how microscopically small they may be. We guarantee the highest level of cleanliness and moisture protection with Gruber composite films. Our flat bags are vacuum tight in order to prevent the wavers from moving during transport. This allows the flat bags to protect their cargo against the surroundings, deposits and environmental influences during transport.