The closer you are to someone, the greater your responsibility for that person’s health. This is why there is no alternative to having the highest quality, safety and hygienic standards in the field of medicine and diagnostics. Our success in this field sets Gruber-Folien apart from the competition. We are also just as aware of the responsibility our packaging products bear. Of course, we also work on individual solutions tailored to your needs and realize these solutions while maintaining the highest standards.

Gruber films carry liquid alloys in their heart.

Liquid alloys are very demanding when it comes to packaging. These extremely high value goods demand no less than 100% protection. The key is to prevent any loss of material and to ensure that the product can be used “to the last drop”. A lot of craftiness, even more effort and finally the development of an entirely new composite brought us to our goal. A Gruber-Folien bag sealed on four sides, made of a top-quality and extremely puncture-resistant composite, now provides ideal protection. Tapered sealing seams guarantee precise dosing for all of the material. And a special spout ensures that not a single drop is wasted.

Gruber bags are allowed into every OR.

Germs have no business being around OR instruments, OR clothing and medical equipment. Hygiene, sterility and extreme cleanliness are a necessity in every OR. This only works when all devices and tools are kept absolutely sterile. This is no easy task when you consider that many surgical materials are stored in alcohol. The packaging must be extremely durable if it is to offer maximum security. Flat bags from Gruber-Folien fulfil these requirements! For example, they protect surgical stitching material soaked in alcohol against the effects of the environment and against contamination. Whether dealing with the packaging for such products or with the sterilisation process afterwards: You can count on Gruber-Folien!

Gruber films are both a package and a rapid test.

Rapid test are becoming more and more important. They serve as a diagnostic aid for quickly and easily verifying the patient’s health status based on a urine, stool or blood test. The results are ready within a few minutes. The flexible, pharmaceutical-compatible packaging products from Gruber-Folien don’t just provide optimal protection for tests, but also serve as a colour reference for comparing the test strips.
We produce high-quality printed flat bags with opening aides that guarantee easy handling and in colours that go along perfectly with the test strips. The tests can be conducted at home or at the pharmacy - quickly, easily and safely!

Gruber films can even be used for breath tests.

Breath tests play an important role in medical diagnostics, especially in connection with gastrointestinal diseases. The exhaled air carries numerous substances that the body expels. Some of these are detected by the breath test and allow conclusions to be drawn with regard to certain dysfunctions. The tests compare a patient’s breath at different times. Gruber-Folien developed a special two-chamber bag with a sealable mouthpiece for such analyses. The two chambers are printed differently, which allows for time precision in “collecting” the patient’s breath. Gruber-Folien offers a fast, simple and gentle method for these analyses.